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To create Centers of Excellence in Education and other related fields and thereby serving the Society by enhancing the Quality Consultancy through value based professional Leadership


  • To provide high quality technical and professionally relevant consultancy in a diverse learning environment.
  • To help the students to choose the right path to lead their life with personal integrity, professional ethics and civic responsibility in a global society.
  • To promote the campus that welcomes and honors men and women of all races, creed and cultures and values intellectual curiosity, pursuit of knowledge and academic integrity and freedom.
  • To offer a wide variety of training programs to individual and groups.
  • To provide an experience that inspires students to choose right educational platform to adjust them to globalization.

Welcome to RATIONAL

Rational Education Consultancy is focused on Student Success and is committed to supporting the development of skills through excellence in education, training and research. We’re creating an environment where talented people can shine. It’s an environment that offers guidance. Our office is supporting students pre-visa to post landing.
Rational Education Consultancy was established in 2012 July pursuant to sub-section (1) of section 5 of the Companies Act, 2006. Rational Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd established with a commitment to provide fair & transparent service to the students for their better future. It is lead & managed by experienced educational consultants. We have gathered considerable experience and expertise. It is a service oriented organization that consistently explores better educational and career opportunities for deserving candidates. Our team has high expertise and experience in career suggestion and counseling for abroad studies.
Our office is supporting students pre-visa to post landing. Obviously, students are willing to go abroad for better opportunity. But there are many types of students in the market. We use to understand the standard of their education and financial level suggests which place and course is suitable to the students. After students and parent’s decision we offer preparation course. If they meet the requirement then we forward documents to the college/university. In some cases student require preparation class for enrollment in national college/university. We provide best faculties and environment so that student enhance their capacity to face the tough entrance examinations. Our motto is “100% satisfied students and parents with our highly qualified and experienced counselor”.
Our office is located in Aloknagar-34 which is the heart of the capital city Kathmandu and very easy to reach from the every part of the country.

How Rational Education helps you

  • Career Counseling
  • Career Pathway Planning
  • Conducts educational fairs & seminars
  • Course & Country Selection Guidance
  • Admission formalities
  • Visa Processing
  • Visa Guidance and support
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Post Arrival Orientation

We are an educational consultant offering services to help the students to achieve their goals by identifying the right choice of the educational institution. In this field university plays a vital role to make the student skilled and their success.

Salient Features

  • Student Screening
  • Document Guidance
  • Visa Counseling
  • Visa Interview Preparation
  • Varieties of Course Materials
  • Internet Access
  • Latest Technology
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