Hungary is a little, beautiful country, with a safe and friendly environment. Although it is not as well-known as other European countries in terms of international studies, in Hungary, you can study many top-quality Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. Several universities from Hungary have been acknowledged for their good academics and they are always present in leading world university rankings.

In recent years, more and more students have decided to study abroad in Hungary and indulge themselves in a wonderful experience. So as a student in Hungary, you’ll probably want to know some of the most important practical aspects that will help you adjust easier to life in any Hungarian student city.

What’s the currency in Hungary and how expensive are things?

Although Hungary is a member of the European Union, generally, you cannot use Euros: the official currency is called Forint (Ft). Although in some places, you can still pay with Euro, expect to receive forints back.

One Euro is worth about 300 Ft. There is a gap between the buying and selling prices of the currencies, and they can differ from seller to seller, so you should look around where you change your money.

If you come from a country West from Hungary, you will find everything to be much cheaper. Compared to other countries in Eastern Europe, the prizes in Hungary are quite similar.

Finding accommodation in Hungary

Accommodation is one of the most important things you need to plan when you go abroad. Depending on the university, you might get accommodation in dormitories or student residences, but if it is not the case, the university can help you find a place to rent.

If the university has an ESN (Erasmus Student Network) section, they can help you with accommodation as well as other issues you may have. You can check the list of the Hungarian sections at the official website of Erasmus Student Network.

In Szeged, there are no dormitory places available, but they have an office called „Foreign Students’ Secretariat” who can help you, or you can contact the local ESN section as well for help. The monthly accommodation fees are in the range of 360-750 EUR.

You can check the list of the Hungarian sections at the official website of Erasmus Student Network.

In Debrecen, you might be able to get a dormitory place, for 150-200 EUR/month.

In Pécs, there are more dormitory places available for foreign students, for 100- 150 EUR/month.

In Budapest, you can hardly get dormitory places. You can check hostels, rent a flat alone or with more students together. The bigger universities have their own ESN sections, where 1-room flats charge rent from 320 EUR/month, or you can rent more flat rooms with other students for lower prizes (starting from 170 EUR).

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